Subsidized loans – Loans

These loans are defined as ” subsidized ” because they are characterized by the application of an interest rate that is more advantageous or that makes the repayment rate more convenient. In fact, by applying a subsidized interest rate, the applicant will have to repay a smaller amount of money than the amount to be […]

Personal loans – Loans

Personal loans are a special category of loans that do not have a very specific purpose. They may be required to source any kind of need. They are distinguished from the finalized loans which, on the contrary, are required to make the purchase of a specific good or service. Personal loans, therefore, can be requested […]

Delay in the payment of a loan: consequences

If you have obtained a loan, it is obviously desirable that you have previously made all the calculations necessary to repay it within the agreed time frame. Prevention is always better than cure, said an old advertisement. Obtain a loan To prevent inconveniences, it is always advisable to check that the repayment installment has been […]

What is the guarantor loan – the Loans

The guarantor financing is a particular type of financing for which a creditor institution grants a loan to another subject thanks to the presence of a third figure, the guarantor, who is fully responsible for the loan and that is committed to covering any missing payments of the person that follows it. The guarantee is […]

Regional Loans – Loans

Regional funding is made available by the Regions to help small and medium-sized businesses that need liquidity. Each Region periodically delivers economic and financial benefits to support and incentivize productive activities and all those projects that have the specific purpose of re-launching or renovating existing structures. It is, as you may have guessed, an important […]

Quickly loaned loans without collateral (with bills of exchange): some viable solutions

They are an answer for those who have an income, need liquidity and have received waste from the banks: fast-moving, unsecured loans. What are loan changes? They are unfinished personal loans in which the installments are paid with the immediate issue of as many bills as there are installments to pay. These are loans that […]

Loans made quickly at home: best offers and financial disbursements

Getting the loans quickly changed within 24/48 hours is not easy at all, there are some little precautions that need to be put into practice: it is a strategic question to know how to choose the best assisted credit products with a rapid exchange effect release. Since the bills represent a credit instrument and a […]