34-TEN turns Chicago’s old warehouse into a photography studio


revitalize a former warehouse of bow trusses

a Chicago photographer approached 34-TEN with an issue they needed help with: the painstaking conversion of a pre-existing 4,700 square foot (436 m²) bow truss deposit in professional photography studio. the renovated building needed to house staff offices, a client lounge, ample storage space and a large open space that can accommodate both moving photography and still photography used in advertising.

view of renovated warehouse at night

divided into two zones

34-TEN’s main solution was to divide the space into two distinct areas: a customer service area and a photography area. the architects separated the two areas with a 400 square foot (37m²) mezzanine that allows clients to view the shots from above, while also providing storage space for props below. the existing masonry wall at the north wall of the photography space was removed to make way for the installation of a polycarbonate natural lighting system that provides diffused and uniform lighting throughout the day.

simple decisions such as reusing existing masonry window and garage door openings gave the homeowner the opportunity to invest in new infrastructure, such as heating and air conditioning systems, which had not been upgraded up to date in 80 years of building history. now the converted warehouse is a vibrant creative enterprise, satisfying the client’s business needs and helping to revitalize the neighborhood.

34-TEN turns chicago's old truss warehouse into a light-up photography studio
view of renovated warehouse at night

34-TEN turns chicago's old truss warehouse into a light-up photography studio
the blue entrance means the main access point of the studio

mckinley park studio 1
bright interior

mckinley park studio 5
view from mezzanine level

mckinley park studio 6
customer lounge view

project info:

Name: mckinley park studio
designate: 34-TEN

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | design boom

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