A major 5.5 magnitude earthquake has just been reported 91 km southeast of Nazca, Peru / Volcano

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Mon, April 26, 2021, 12:04 AM


5.5 earthquake 25 April 18:50 (GMT -5)

Just 13 minutes ago, a magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck near Nazca, Provincia de Nazca, Ica, Peru. The tremor was recorded in the early evening of Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 6:50 p.m. local time, at a shallow depth of 10 km below the surface.
The event was classified by the German Geoscience Research Center (GFZ), the first seismological agency to report it.
A second report was later released by the United States Geological Survey, which listed it as a magnitude 5.3 earthquake. Other agencies reporting the same earthquake include the 5.5 magnitude National Seismic Monitoring Network (RéNaSS) and the 5.5 magnitude Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC).
In general, earthquakes of this magnitude are recorded by more than one organization and results can vary, with subsequent reports that come after the first often showing more accuracy.
Based on preliminary seismic data, the quake should have been widely felt by almost everyone in the epicenter area. This may have caused slight to moderate damage.
Moderate tremors probably occurred in Lampilla (pop. 11) located 7 km from the epicenter.
Weak tremors could have been felt in San Juan de Marcona (12,800 inhabitants) located 77 km from the epicenter, Marcona (15,500 inhabitants) 77 km, Coracora (7,400 inhabitants) 90 km, Nazca (23,600 inhabitants) 91 to 97 km, Puquio (10,500 inhabitants) 97 km and Tambo (5,000 inhabitants) 98 km.
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Seismic data:

I felt this earthquake

Date and time: April 25, 6:50 p.m. (GMT -5) local time (April 25, 2021 23:50 GMT)
Magnitude: 5.5
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 15.51 ° S / 74.46 ° W (Provincia de Caraveli, Arequipa, Peru)
Main data source: GFZ

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