Center Stage Performing Arts dancers from Crossgates head to New York

THEY want to be part of it and, thanks to their mothers’ efforts to raise £25,000, a group of dancers from West Fife will be performing in New York this summer.

Center Stage Performing Arts, based in Crossgates, will take 23 of its members across the Atlantic in July to represent Scotland at the ‘Dance the World’ convention.

The talented performers will take part in their own show at the famous Minskoff Theater – currently home to the award-winning Lion King musical – as well as a flash mob in Times Square with High School Musical actor Corbin Bleu, take part in workshops and masterclasses, enjoy a Hudson River cruise and catch a Broadway show.

They will be the first to represent Scotland at the convention after applying to Dance the World, which helped Center Stage youngsters previously perform at Disney World in Florida, and hard work from the dancers’ mums has resulted in s ensure that the entire trip will be paid for. .

Louise Ferrier, who founded Center Stage, which will turn 10 in August, said: “All the parents are delighted.

“We have 23 dancers. There are a few siblings, but the 20 dance moms raised this money on their own to bring their dancers. The moms are coming with us. We can’t wait!

“They did a lot of events. When we were in lockdown, they were doing online fundraisers, online raffles, online events, online workshops with different people – they kept going through COVID.

“It is thanks to the support of everyone’s families, friends and community that we are able to do this. We have also received a few donations, but they are working hard on it.

“They are fully supportive of the school. We are going to be 10 in August, and some of the kids have been there for 10 years, so they are fully supportive of what we are doing.

“We’re just one big family and we do it for each other.”

The dancers originally planned to travel to the Big Apple last year, only for pandemic restrictions to kick in, but that left another 12 months to raise funds and perfect their routine.

“We have created a show and they will perform their own show in the historic theater, the Minskoff Theatre, the home of The Lion King,” Louise continued.

“They will have their name on the front of the theater and they will perform in there.

“They’ve rehearsed so much that they’re ready now. They’re so excited to go and obviously to represent Scotland in New York is just amazing.

“They love it. They work hard every week, the girls in class, and then we have the parents behind us raising funds, we have the support of the community, so it’s great, playing all over the world with their friends.

“New York is the dance capital of the world. It’s the home of the Rockettes, the most famous dancers in the world, it’s Broadway, so you can’t really get any bigger than that.

“They’re absolutely looking forward to it and I’m thrilled for them. I can’t wait.”