Davis Community Chorale plans online art auction

The Davis Community Chorale is pleased to announce its first ever online art auction and celebration. The multi-talented members of the group will be featured starting at 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 20.

“We appreciate having members with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and skills and believe this enhances our development as a cohesive entity,” said choir secretary Lynda Garcia. “It also strengthens our ability to continue to deliver music that uplifts the spirit. To go further, creative objects and the services of artists / artisans of the choir were offered at auction.

A sample of the auctioned items includes a handmade quilt made by Davis Viola, Leslie Cooper, DVM, as well as handmade products such as pillows, scarves, shadow boxes, bag hushed music themed and greeting cards from other artistic members.

Highlights include an original acrylic painting signed by locally renowned artist Mary King, a viola in the choir and a signed copy of tenor Matthew Zavod’s new book “Dr. Ridiculopickulopot and the Shot”, a children’s book by news to reduce anxiety about getting vaccinated at the doctor’s office.

There will also be an evening of piano music offered to the highest bidder, which will be performed by award-winning musician LuAnn Higgs.

“The chorale, like everyone else, has had to adjust the way things are done over the past year, due to COVID-19. But we’re still going strong, ”Garcia said.

“Although rehearsals have been moved to Zoom since mid-March 2020, we continue to learn new music so that when we can meet in public again, we will be ready to perform at the level of excellence that our audience has come to know and expect, ”she said.

The Monday night rehearsal format has been changed to include, in addition to revisiting previously played songs and learning new songs, learning about different periods and styles of music. Every first Monday of the month, the chorale takes a look at a different time period, courtesy of artistic director Alison Skinner.

In November 2020, the group recorded a virtual choir piece, “Now is the Month of Maying” by Thomas Morley. Each member recorded their part alone at home, then one of the tech-savvy members, Tom Estees, combined those individual recordings into one choir piece. (To hear a sample, go to the choir’s website at https://davischorale.org/ and click “Listen Now”.)

The members stayed connected to each other using “Chorus Connection”, an online platform that hosts not only the music they rehearse, but also the contact details of each member of the choir, among other files. . Board members each have “board buddies” assigned to cover the entire choir and check in with them regularly to make sure everything is going well and needs are being met.

“Like many other arts organizations, we are looking for new ways to provide funds so that we can get started and start playing immediately when it is safe to do so,” Garcia said. This is where the virtual arts auction comes in. More information will be confirmed next week. In the meantime, “Mark your calendars! “