Emerald Fennell shares how Britney Spears inspires her writing process


“This is the most exciting day of my life,” said Fennell, who also plays Camilla Parker-Bowles in The crown, Rancic frankly said.

When asked what she thought of the amazing response to her movie, she explained, “It’s just, honestly, everything has been amazing. And I just wasn’t expecting it – neither of us never expected, we made this movie in 23 days – we never expected it to get to this point. What was so touching was the frankness of the people and the conversations it opened up to. a lot of people. It’s really really upsetting but in a very positive way. “

As for his main wife named, Mulligan is “so damn good, but she’s also incredibly funny,” Fennell said. “You know that’s the thing, I think drama actors rarely get to be funny and she’s just dynamite at comedy. So yeah, that was just amazing. [watching her performance unfold on set]. “

Also known for her humorous descriptions of her favorite flowing fashions this season, Fennell summed up the Gucci Epilogue dress she chose for her first Oscars as follows: “Tonight I’m Susan, your pottery teacher who has a business opportunity. for you which is absolutely not a pyramid scheme. “

Regardless, we buy what she sells.


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