Fountain City Performing Arts launches OUTside VoicesKC

Kansas City, MO, Sept. 04, 2022 — ( — Open rehearsals for OVKC will be held Sunday, September 18 and 25 from 4-6 p.m. at the Community Christian Church located in Country Club Plaza. You will find the OUTside VoicesKC choir at social justice events such as; women’s equality marches, Black Lives Matter marches, Pride Festivals, Aids Walk and a host of other multicultural events and protests, lending their voices to strengthen the work towards civil justice, gender justice, racial justice and restorative justice that makes our lives better as a community and as a just society. The first rehearsal is scheduled for Sunday, October 2 from 4 to 6 p.m.

FCPA – Fountain City Performing Arts was established in 2018 as an arts organization for LGBTQ+ youth. As an organization, we continue to learn from history and pay attention to the growing civil unrest in our country. We are motivated to create musical and artistic spaces for all voices towards access, equity and belonging. Fountain City Performing Arts is now the managing organization for OUTside VoicesKC Chorus, SingOUTKC Youth Choir, PerformOUTKC Youth Theater Arts and OUTLoudKC, a youth drumming ensemble with a renewed vision to foster an enabling environment for all voices speak through original art; to unite, educate and enlighten the change of hearts and minds. The new choir will be under the direction of FCPA Artistic Director Dr. Joseph P. Nadeau. #wearethevoices

For more information about FCPA – Fountain City Performing Arts, please visit us online at