GHS Spring Musical returns to the Performing Arts Center with “Into the Woods”

By Lily Osgan

Greenwich High School’s drama department is gearing up for their upcoming performance of In the woods. The Performing Arts Center (or PAC) stage is decorated with detailed and whimsical decor.

Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan

This upcoming musical is not only significant because it’s a great performance, but it’s also the first time in two years that the springtime musical will be performed at PAC since the pandemic took hold.

In fact, last year the theater department played goodbye birdie outside outside in the south parking lot.

For many students this is their first time performing in this auditorium, and for seniors this is only their second time and will be their last.

As dance captain Ava Nicoletti said, “I feel really sentimental because the last time we were here was freshman year, so I keep having little flashbacks. It’s very fun and moving.

The excitement about returning to PAC was tangible, and Joelle Jensen, who plays the witch, added, “It’s so nice to be back at PAC, it’s such a beautiful auditorium that we have the privilege of ‘to have. Everything is just amazing – the pit sounds amazing and the decor is stunning. So many talented people are working on it.

The play itself is a play that weighs in on the state of the modern world, as musical director Patricia Cirigliano said, “I love this musical because it really reflects the issues that can be seen in our times of isolation, community support and acceptance. Coming out of a pandemic, in particular, where people have felt disconnected, the topic of mental health is really important in encouraging people to get help when they need it.

Erin, a member of the stage crew, explained the appeal of In the woods“It’s cool because the whole show is a bunch of cameos; it’s such an interesting plot, and it’s fun to see the plot and the different pieces come together sideways.

As stage manager Luiza Bailey said, “I’ve never been in such a hot room while having fun.”

Student director Katie Jensen explained how the musical unites students in an emotional engagement with the theater arts: “This show is a great bonding experience where I can learn from so many talented people so that I can improve in as performer and individual.

The Greenwich High School Theater Arts Department presents INTO THE WOODS at the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center May 19-21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. each evening. All tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased online:


In the woods
Directed by Patty Cirigliano
Musical direction by Matt Tracey
Technical direction by Scott Borowka

Narrator: Bryn Kummell
Cinderella: Colleen Salvate
Jack: Christophe Messis
Milky White: Katharine Jensen
Baker: Jack Glass
The Baker’s Wife: Maggie Polistina
Mother-in-law: CiCi Fischer
Florida: Mia Cernigliaro
Lucinda: Emma Goddard
Cinderella’s father: Bernie Gaeta
Jack’s mother: Alexis Killeen
Little Red: Stella Frankel
Witch: Joelle Singer Jensen
Cinderella’s Mother: Preston Merritt
Mystery Man: Ethan Cooper
Wolf: Ben Walker
Rapunzel: Brooke Hadden
Rapunzel’s Prince: Benjamin Cooper
Grandma: Kate Marchetti
Cinderella Prince: Luke Merrill
Quartermaster: Zach Libow
Giant’s Wife: Phebe Fabacher
Snow White: Gabriella Vilas Boas
Sleeping Beauty: Michelle Ferrone
Black and white cow: Kade Slusarz

Student Director: Katharine Jensen
Dance Captains: Ava Nicoletti, Destiny Gee
Voice Captains: Bryn Kummell, Stella Frankel

Storybook set

Doc: Cara Anderson
Lead Man: Emily Lewis
Scarecrow: Jelly Bisgani
Sneeze: Anne Bologna
Sleepy: Imogen Buck
Leo: Maeve Carey
Shy: Carly Cernigliaro
Grumpy: Layla Rodriquez
Blue Fairy: Brooke Cumberland
Asshole: Kathryn Curtin
Peter Pan: Alex Evans
Happy: Sébastien Ojeda
Little Straw Pig: Averi Geary
Pink Fairy: Destiny Gee
Purple Fairy: Beatrice Healy
Bell: Erin McKay
Queen of Hearts: Alyssa Inness
Robin Hood: Jake Klein
Maid Marion: Abigail White
Little Pig Bricks: Ericka Ornopia
Little Pig Sticks: Kyle Roy
Belle: Annabelle Edgell
Beast: Steven Csak
Dorothy: Natasha Quirk
Captain Hook: JP Robledo
Alice in Wonderland: Clara Maclean
Little Bo Peep: Lydia Wang
Sheep: Caitlin Tice

Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan
Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan
Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan
Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan

Photo: Mary-Kate Hogan