Henderson Harbor Arts Association commissions plan for major performing arts facility

Recognizing the immense benefits that a cultural tourism destination can bring to the Eastern Lake Ontario region, the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association has launched an initiative that will create a strategic plan leading to the creation of a new performance venue and surrounding access infrastructure on property overlooking Henderson Harbor at the corner of Military and Harbor Road. The 18.5 acre site is on and behind the former Mark Hopkins Inn.

To guide their vision for the site, a summer-long market survey has begun, designed by RMS Research & Marketing Strategies, which will profile the demographics of the region and the wider region, including its residents, businesses and activities. updates, and collect feedback. of the main players in the area. The centerpiece of the facility is a substantial outdoor stage capable of hosting a symphony orchestra, as well as concert and festival programs across the performing arts. It will also be able to serve as a platform for various fairs and exhibitions devoted to automobiles, food truck rodeos, arts and crafts, antiques and others, as well as private and corporate events.

HHPAA commissioned CNY Jazz to complete and publish the study, a regional performing arts organization founded and directed by Larry Luttinger, a Syracuse resident and seasonal resident of Henderson for more than 30 years. Luttinger has 40 years of experience in arts infrastructure and content studies in upstate New York.

“I am extremely happy to be asked to help with the plans and goals of the Henderson Art Group, after spending so many summers there,” Luttinger said. “It’s exciting to walk around the site; he has got everything. It has incredible potential to transform the economy and profile of the region, making it more prosperous and resilient. The local arts council is extremely capable of managing the installation they envision. The technical aspects of its events can benefit local schools as a professional training platform. Local and regional artists of all genres will benefit as well as businesses and residents. The list of potential beneficiaries is long.

The document will be comprehensive and will include recommendations on walkability, accommodation capacity, parking, signage, energy efficiency and pedestrian safety, as well as economic impact.

According to John Culkin, former Henderson Town Supervisor and current Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Board Member, “We spent a lot of time talking about the need to properly size this facility, place it in the Goldilocks area to solve the congestion. and security issues before they arise. There is a best practice for doing this, and we are determined to create the best possible plan to make this study successful. To our knowledge, this would be the only major concert facility of its kind on the American coast of Lake Ontario, or the coast of the St. Lawrence, and may shape the whole personality of the region as a magnet of the cultural tourism. This will give the greater Henderson area a new way to attract seasonal visitors in addition to fishing and boating. We can hardly wait to start this.

Those interested in completing the study online can visit https://RMSresults.com/HendersonHarbor or call the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association at 315-938-7333.