Kansas rocks the Luhrs Performing Arts Center

The classic rock band Kansas took the stage Thursday to a sold-out crowd at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center.

The band, considered one of America’s most iconic and well-known rock bands, is one of many famous bands that have come to the Luhrs Center this season. After appearances by other classic rock bands like ZZ Top and Three Dog Night, Kansas provided an incredible concert experience.

Rooted in the capital city of Topeka, Kansas, the band has been together since 1973. In the nearly 50 years the band led, they produced eight gold albums and numerous platinum records. Kansas also boasts a strong Spotify presence, with more than seven million monthly listeners on the streaming platform alone.

Some of their best-known singles like “Carry on Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind” continue to be among the most played songs on classic rock radio stations around the world and have even been featured on albums. shows like “Supernatural” and movies like “Final Destination.” Kansas is a big deal and continues to attract a huge fanbase of listeners, some of whom have been there since they started playing.

What makes the Kansas sound so iconic and recognizable is their heavy use of instruments, not to mention the guitar. They rely heavily on the use of keyboard and string instruments to achieve their memorable sound, and they often give each instrument respective solos that stand out compared to other rock bands who still focus the most on guitar instrumentals.

Kansas is also well known for its silky vocal harmonies which can be recognized in songs like “Carry on Wayward Son”.

The band exudes an almost mythical and dreamlike atmosphere with them that sticks with many of the visuals they use on their album covers and promotional items. This vibe sinks into every song of the band’s repertoire, which has really worked to establish who they are as a band. Their performance at the Luhrs Center was nothing short of these qualities.

Even after 50 years, Kansas remains true to its moniker, holding audiences captive with every note and every lyric. By the time they played their last song, they had the entire audience up from their seats. It was an incredible performance, and I look forward to hearing many more in the years to come.