Lacombe Performing Arts Center presents a new exhibition –

Janet McCarthy has been working in watercolor for over twenty years. In 2003, needing something different to do with painting, she took a personal artistic styles course. This course revolutionized his painting, moving from using the primary principles of texture and value to principles of texture and color, while developing a feel for the vignette format, greatly simplifying his work.

During the pandemic, McCarthy rediscovered her love of ink work, and watercolor ink became her medium of choice. Progress and time alter the natural world around us, and his goal is to capture it, establishing a strong connection to the subject of his work.

“Colour and contrasting textures are what initially draw me to paint a subject,” McCarthy says, “but there’s always so much more. It’s a wonderful thing when a two-dimensional image can make you imagine that you feel the spray and thunder of a waterfall, the serenity of a clear mountain lake, or the healing power and truth in the stature of a buffalo. do with my painting.

The exhibit is on view at the Lacombe Performing Arts Center, 5227 C&E Trail, through June 3. The Lacombe Performing Arts Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This article was written with files from the Lacombe Performing Arts Center.