Master photography with these lessons from some of Hollywood’s top photographers


Photography can be a fun hobby, but it can also be a lucrative business if you master the skills to produce breathtaking photos. To capture these types of images you need to have more than a good camera and that is what you will learn in this elite. Photo school pack, now reduced to the insane affordable price of just $ 99.99.

The Photo School: Learn Photography and Photoshop from the Hollywood Masters Pack includes 13 courses containing 100 lessons that will help you turn your passion for photography into a professional endeavor. Lessons in this photography bundle are taught by some of the best professional photographers in the business, including Michael Muller.

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Michael is one of Hollywood’s most sought after celebrity photographers. Michael is not only the co-founder of Photo-School, but he’s also an award-winning celebrity photographer and director, and his work has not only appeared in several major campaigns and publications such as Nike, Range Rover Rolling Stones and The New York Times. , but he’s also one of the best key art photographers in the film business, with credits in the Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men, and Captain America films.

In this set, not only will Mr. Muller teach you everything you need to know about studio shooting, but he will also take you outside the studio and show you how to take photos in various conditions outdoors. in the real world.

In The Photo School: Learn Photography & Photoshop from Hollywood’s Masters Bundle you will also learn a lot about natural light and how to use it in a variety of lifestyles and there are dedicated photo editing classes as well.

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This photo school bundle is normally priced at $ 2,990, but for a limited time it has been reduced to just $ 99.99. This brings the total of Photo School: Learn Photography and Photoshop from the Hollywood Masters Pack up to only $ 99.99, but act fast because this deal won’t last long.

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