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COVID prompted this telethon as a fundraiser for Arts for All Wisconsin, and in its second virtual year of livestreaming on YouTube, the program features APT’s James DeVita, comedian Steve Lee, The Jimmys, members of the Blue Man Group, Scott Lucas of Local H, Madison Youth Choir, a screening of the documentary iron family, and more. Funds raised will be used to support the group’s work providing access to artistic opportunities for children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin, including dance, theater, creative writing, music and visual arts. Find streaming links and donation information at

press release: Much has been learned about building connections and community since March 2020, when the pandemic arrived and brought about significant changes to ARTS for ALL Wisconsin (AFA) public and in-person programming. We took these lessons to heart and our first Telethon was a logical extension of the important work of raising awareness of our network and our communities, raising awareness and generating support. It was such a success that we are doing it again!

The 2nd Annual ARTS for ALL Wisconsin Telethon, starting at 1 p.m. Nov. 13, is a multi-hour live online event featuring entertainment from all kinds of artists, including music, dance, arts visuals, tales, actors and much more. . “Our Telethon is a wonderful opportunity to share the work we do with everyone,” said Executive Director Christina Martin-Wright. “It’s also a chance to showcase the incredible talent and skills of so many Wisconsin artists with disabilities — and to highlight the good work of like-minded nonprofits across the state.” There are several ways for viewers to show their support, including an SMS donation option. As always with the AFA, a key aspect of the event is the recognition of artists with disabilities and our supporting communities.

Full schedule of Telethon events and performances, and links to the YouTube live stream at

Schedule from November 9:


1:20 p.m. Madison Youth Choir

1:45 p.m. Madison Ballet

2:00 p.m. Live AFA Music Class with Junko

2:30 p.m. Actor and author James DeVita

2:45 p.m. Kat Wodtke of Long Mama

2:50 p.m. Backstage performance by Blue Man Group! Catch it later in the evening too, but don’t miss it!

3:00 p.m. Shakedown at 3 a.m. from Jim!

3:30 pm Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

4pm LIVE AFA Visual Art Class with Patrizia

4:35pm Scott Lucas of Local H

4:50 p.m. Revolutionary Dance Company

5pm Iron Family (a feature documentary) followed by a conversation with the director and cast

7 p.m. Conversation with Doug Roland, Oscar-nominated filmmaker of Feeling Through (presented during the 1st Annual Telethon)

7:15 p.m. Scott Lucas of Local H (another song!)

7:20 p.m. Avian Aura

7:30 p.m. Short film by Steve Lee, Papa je t’aime followed by a conversation with the comedian

More to come soon! *times are approximate, this is a live show!

Participation in the AFA Telethon can take several forms:

1. Tune in on Saturday, November 13 to take advantage of it!

2. Is your company interested in sponsoring the Telethon? Take a look at our sponsorship benefits and contact us

3. Show your support by donating or texting AFATELETHON to 44321

Support for this event was provided by Associated Bank, The Cap Times, WPR and Culver’s. To learn more and support AFA, visit

ABOUT ARTS for ALL Wisconsin

ARTS for ALL Wisconsin was founded in 1985 as Very Special Arts Wisconsin with a mission to expand the abilities, confidence, and quality of life of children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin by providing dance programs, theatre, creative writing, music and visual arts. . More information at