Opening of a new photography studio and gallery in Sonoma


A new photography gallery and a new studio have opened in downtown Sonoma. The space functions as a gallery for Jason Tinacci’s wine country photographs as well as a studio where he works with clients to create photos for advertising and marketing campaigns.

“Visitors will get a glimpse of my natural habitat as a professional commercial photographer and maybe surprise me at work,” he said. “At the very least, they’ll see my equipment and the sets that can be set up for the shoots. “

Tinacci previously worked in a warehouse on Eighth Street East, but his old studio was not open to the public – it was mainly used for product photo ops and meetings with customers.

Tinacci is originally from Brooklyn, New York and moved to Sonoma in 2002. He studied fine arts and photography at St. John’s University and the International Center of Photography in New York.

“After I graduated I did the job of a starving artist for a hot second, but ended up selling a bit to get into web development and IT management during the first dot com boom. “, did he declare. “When the bubble burst and I was fired, I decided to drive across the country to ‘find my home’. I visited two friends who lived here – and I fell in love with this small town. ”

Tinacci will be turning 20 in Sonoma next year and he now lives downtown with his wife Kimberley and their rescue puppy, Luna.

The new gallery – located in the small alleyway across from the Highwayman wine tasting barn – is filled with images of the wine country that come out of the norm.

“I tried to choose unique images that highlight things like non-traditional technique, isolated places, aerial photographs, and other thematic groupings,” Tinacci said. “Since the space is relatively small, I plan to rotate some of the photos to show off the work I have created on my travels – whether in the US or overseas.

Tinacci’s commercial photography clients range from mom and pop operations to major corporate brands.

“I create image libraries that include lifestyle photos, portraits, bottle photos, beautiful landscapes, aerial drone photos and videos,” he said. His local clients include Pangloss Cellars, Three Sticks, Stone Edge Farm, Author, and Obsidian Wine Co., among others. Some non-wine clients include healthcare organizations like Collabria Care and Adventist Health, for which he creates photo essays and portraits of patients and providers.

Jason Tinacci Photography is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, and by appointment outside of these hours, at 536 Broadway.


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