Rodgers controversy dominates discussions on local sports radio


APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – What Aaron Rodgers revealed about his vaccination status on Friday dominated sports radio, especially here in northeastern Wisconsin.

Almost everyone has an opinion, whether it’s out of support or out of anger.

On 95.3 The Score, this feeling manifested itself during “The Show” with Leo and Balky.

“He made statements about his research,” said one person.

The conversation was dominated by Rodgers, and whether he actually lied about his vaccination status when reporters asked him before, and whether he violated NFL COVID protocols that could cause the league to take action.

“I don’t think there was anything Rodgers could have said that could have changed someone’s mind if they already had strong feelings about it,” said another.

Another disagreed, saying, “These are people telling me he just buried himself with those comments he just made this afternoon.”

Show co-host Leo Kiper, Jr. isn’t surprised the topic struck a chord with fans.

He added, “Obviously that’s a hot topic with him and it divides some people. It’s divided Packers Nation, just some of the reactions we’ve had today from some of our listeners who are huge Aaron Rodgers fans, I don’t know if they are more.

Rodgers was not one to shy away from controversy.

He started the season, casting doubt on his return to the squad, which angered some fans, and now that has put him back in the national spotlight.

“For me it will be very interesting if he dresses up and play against Seattle in a few weeks, what will the fans’ reaction be to that, because there is damage done here, I think,” Kiper said.

Either way, sports radio will likely be buzzing with whatever happens, surrounding Rodgers in the weeks to come.

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