SF3 the best of performing arts

Among more than 3,500 entries in the awards across Australia, SmartFone FlickFest – SF3 for the film industry – won Best Performing Arts Company in front of a packed house of over 1,000 guests at the Sydney’s Star Event Center on Saturday 3 September.

The Australian Small Business Champions Awards have been in existence for over twenty years and are designed to champion Australian business excellence in the retail, service and manufacturing sectors. The awards are open to all Australian companies in these sectors, under strict guidelines. The retail and service industry categories are open to companies with fewer than 40 employees, giving SF3 and other small creative businesses the edge when it comes to promoting excellence in the arts.

The SF3 Film Festival has been designed for budding creatives who want to make a film and offers several categories for filmmakers, including a specific category for young people. The Festival is open to anyone with a smartphone or tablet and, according to SF3, it provides “a platform for aspiring, emerging and professional filmmakers to bring their ideas to life”.

According to SF3, one of the great assets of the Festival is that participants have the opportunity to show their film to a global audience. The festival is also open to filmmakers from all over the world. SF3 is no newcomer to the neighborhood either, with 2022 being SF3’s 8th festival season.

Gone are the days when film festivals were only for established filmmakers with big budgets and even bigger cameras. SF3 strives to make cinema accessible to everyone and has been recognized for its efforts at the Business Champion Awards.

The SF3 directorial team were thrilled to have won the award and thrilled with this win against strong competition.

“We are thrilled to have won this award and to have beaten so many amazing Australian performing arts companies,” said Angela Blake. [pictured]Co-founder & Director SF3.

While the submission deadline for the 2022 SF3 season ended in early September, submissions for next year’s Festival are expected to be well contested. Categories include SF3 Kids & SF360, SF3 Mini and Feature Film categories.

The Australian Small Business Champions Awards take place over two nights each year, billed as ‘the Oscars of small business’. More information can be found at businesschampions.com.au.

The 2022 SF3 Film Festival will take place live and online from November 5-20. Get your tickets and discover the Festival on sf3.com.au.