Shark Tank’s Daniel Lubetzky and Barbara Corcoran partner with online arts education platform Sparketh

NEW YORK, 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – As reported on ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder of KIND Snacks Daniel Lubetzky partnered with real estate mogul Barbara corcoran provide support and mentorship to the creators of Sparketh, a home-based solution for children and teens to learn art, which improves children’s self-esteem, mental health and problem-solving skills. Through this partnership, the two investors seek to help the AtlantaThe founders and best friends of Sparketh make Sparketh a profitable business.

As art has become less of a priority in traditional school systems and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in home learning, many parents are not equipped to nurture their children’s creativity at home. House. Sparketh offers an affordable turnkey solution. Founders Tim samuel and Dwayne walker started Sparketh together during their college days and together they make the perfect team with Tim’s interest in business and Dwayne’s passion for creativity and the arts. When Dwayne transitioned from home schooling to public schooling, he realized that arts education received little attention.

“I have always been inclined to be creative”, says the founder of Sparketh Dwayne walker. “When I started going to public school at 8e school year, it became clear to me that arts education was not a priority. Personally, I had benefited tremendously from the arts and knew firsthand how it can impact personal and emotional growth. With Sparketh, we hope to make arts education more accessible to everyone, whether the platform is used as a home schooling system, as a complement to school programming, or as an after-school program for young people. ”

“Fostering creativity in our young people is extremely important and Sparketh provides a solution to help parents and educators integrate these lessons into children’s schedules,” says the founder of KIND Snacks. Daniel Lubetzky. “I was immediately drawn not only to Sparketh’s mission, but also to Tim and Dwayne as entrepreneurs. In the reservoir, they displayed immense passion, courage and perseverance. , and look forward to mentoring them to help drive the growth of their business. ”

Said Barbara corcoran, “I love working with self-taught entrepreneurs like Tim and Dwayne who have rocked every step of the way to build their brand without a formal business education. Time and time again, as they built Sparketh, they’ve demonstrated the trait I’m looking at. for most partners, that is the ability to get up. ”

For Sparketh founders Tim and Dwayne, getting the support of two sharks to help them get more kids and teens to use Sparketh is a dream come true. “Daniel and Barbara are ideal partners for us because of their passion, their experience in building brands and their commitment to help us on this journey,” says the founder of Sparketh. Tim samuel. “Since we started working with them they have been practical and have shown us the same level of enthusiasm you see from them on Shark Tank. We couldn’t have imagined a better result for the Tank. ”

Sparketh offers over 1,000 courses – all created in-house by the Sparketh team – and membership fees 25 $/ month or $ 250/ annually on

About Sparketh
Best childhood friends Tim samuel and Dwayne walker came up with the idea for Sparketh after using art and creativity to grow personally. They had a vision to create a site that taught kids all about creative subjects and that’s how Sparketh was born. Sparketh is a home solution for kids and teens to learn art. Sparketh offers over 1,000 art class videos, from elements of art and design to acrylic painting to manga characters. Courses can be sorted by skill level as well as subject and course type. Sparketh membership fees 25 $/ month or $ 250/annually. Learn more about

On Daniel Lubetzky & Balance
Founder of KIND Snacks Daniel Lubetzky is a social entrepreneur who works to build bridges beyond differences. With the introduction of KINDfruit and nut bars in 2004, Daniel created a whole new category of snacks. He has since built KIND into a multi-billion dollar global health and wellness brand known for its promise to lead with nutritionally dense ingredients and for its mission to make the world a little sweeter. Son of a Holocaust survivor, the civic initiatives of Daniel OneVoice and Empatico seek to increase our appreciation of our common humanity. Daniel is the author of La New York Times Bestseller Do the KIND thing, Founder and Executive Chairman of SOMOS – a new brand of delicious food from the heart of Mexico – and a recurring shark on Shark Tank. Learn more about and follow Daniel to @daniellubetzky.

Equilibra Ventures, founded by Daniel Lubetzky in 2018, incubates, operates and invests in businesses run by entrepreneurs to help them develop successful businesses that generate sustainable value. Equilibra values ​​innovation with integrity and deploys its best team to help entrepreneurs create brands with the power to improve people’s lives. Learn more about

On Barbara corcoran
that of Barbara Corcoran credits include D straight through high school and college and 20 jobs by the time she turned 23. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country: she borrowed $ 1,000 and quit her job as a waitress to start a small real estate company in New York City. The Corcoran Group, the largest and best-known brand in the brokerage industry, is building the largest and best-known brand in the industry.

Corcoran is the author of the bestseller “Shark Tales: How I Turned $ 1,000 in a billion dollar business! “and host of the best business podcast” Business Unusual with Barbara corcoran. “Barbara provides callers with her unique business advice through the 888-Barbara hotline.

Corcoran is a motivating and inspiring speaker. She is a frequent small business and real estate contributor on all major networks. Corcoran has been an Investor / Shark for the past thirteen seasons on ABC’s four-time Emmy Award-winning Shark Tank, investing in over 80 companies to date. Follow Barbara on Instagram and Twitter @BarbaraCorcoran and subscribe to Business Unusual wherever you get your podcasts.

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