Symphony on Taipei will premiere at the city’s new performing arts center

A symphony commissioned in 2015 for the new Taipei Performing Arts Center is to be premiered next month during the venue’s official opening season, the Taipei Symphony Orchestra has announced.

The piece, titled Taipei, was composed by Chien Nan-chang (錢南章) and is to be performed on August 7 by the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, conducted by conductor Chien Wen-pin (簡文彬), he said in a statement. Thursday.

The symphony evokes aspects of Taipei’s development and festivities over the years, said Chien Nan-chang, 74, the 2005 winner of the National Arts Award.

“I was raised in Taipei and grew up in the city,” he said. “My life is closely tied to Taipei.”

Developments he relied on for composition include the Bangka (艋舺, also known as Monga) and Dadaocheng (大稻埕) areas along the Tamsui River (淡水河), and the iconic skyscraper of Taipei 101, while the festivities were dragon boat races and local religious events, he said.

During the premiere of the symphony at the new Taipei Performing Arts Center in Shilin District (士林), a film about Taipei will be screened, the orchestra said.

The film was directed by director Shen Ko-shang (沈可尚) and award-winning cinematographer Hsia Shao-yu (夏紹瑜), he said.

The orchestra said it plans to release a digital and CD recording of Chien Nan-chang’s symphony on August 1.

Construction of the Taipei Performing Arts Center began in 2012 and opened in March on a trial basis, after years of delay.

The arts center officially kicked off its opening season on July 2 and is expected to host more than 70 performances over the next three months, its website says.

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