Ten02 performs October 15 in the Lacombe Performing Arts Center Fall Concert Series

Red Deer-based band Ten02 are scheduled to perform Oct. 15 as part of the Lacombe Performing Arts Center’s Fall Concert Series.

Show time is at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at the Mary C. Moore Public Library or online at Lacombepac.com.

Ten02 started their journey years ago and have been growing steadily ever since – releasing great tracks and engaging with a growing fanbase. They released an EP in March 2020 titled Songs about girls. And by then, everything was gearing up for a terrific season of airing these tracks, but COVID hit and the “live” shows came to a halt.

Now it’s full steam ahead.

“Since last March, it’s been in full swing again,” explained Elijah Chauvet, singer and rhythm guitarist. “We’ve traveled quite a bit – a few tours through British Columbia to Vancouver, with quite a few stops in between,” he said, adding that last summer’s busy schedule was was pursued with the party heading east through Saskatchewan and into Manitoba.

“We feel like we’re really making up for lost time – just getting out there and playing as much as we can.”

These days they are thrilled with the release of their superbly crafted single Cherry sunrise.

The tune, produced by Mark Troyer, reflects the increasingly unique style of this talented group.

A few years ago the band landed in the studio with Troyer who worked with Taylor Swift, Brett Kissel and Nickelback to name a few. These sessions were won by the band through a contest in 2019 called Rock Star Talent Search at Olds.

So it was the time when the pieces of cherry sunrise, and several other tunes, were actually laid down. But bringing the single to fruition took time, and it was worth it.

“We were so lucky to have studio time with Mark because he’s a world-class producer,” he said. “He’s super meticulous in everything he does.”

Troyer has also agreed to produce several other songs for Ten 02’s next full-length project – due sometime in early 2023.

“He really enjoyed working with us, and we thought, ‘We have to have him for the rest of the album!’ We also wanted to make sure that we put out nine other songs that are on the level of Cherry Sunrise – songs that we think will complement the album well musically and stylistically.

As for Chauvet, music has been a passion for years – but it’s really intensified thanks to his journey with Ten02.

During his college years, he was a drummer in concert and jazz bands.

Eventually, through encounters via mutual friends, Ten02 formed and a new creative chapter was started.

The band is rounded out by drummer Joshua Chandler, Kaiden Schauer on lead guitar, Emma Baker on keyboards and bassist Chase Bishop.

Each member tends to have a particular musical taste, but it is this diversity at all levels that reinforces and even defines Ten02’s distinctive and compelling style.

“We have very different tastes, but over the years we’ve all realized what our sound is like,” Chauvet explained. “I love indie/alternative, singer-songwriter, our drummer loves rap a lot; he grew up with hip hop and punk-pop.

“Our guitarist is a huge blues-rocker, our bassist loves metal. And our keyboard player is very “indie/alternative, singer/songwriter” like me. But we all understood that we sound (the best) in the alternative rock/indie style. And luckily for all of us, it’s a genre we all love!

Deciding which songs from their collection to record at any given time is therefore not too much of a debate, which says a lot about the cohesive nature of the band.

“We know when we’re playing them, by the way they sound, by how they feel, and by how the crowd reacts to them,” Chauvet said. “It’s almost as simple as the day for us after playing a song ‘live’. It’s like an unsaid. We just know if (a particular song) makes the cut or not.

The next stop in the fall concert series is Tandem Yam on November 19.