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In a world that has changed so much over the past 18 months or so, photography is one of the best ways to document what is happening around us.

Awards like the CEWE Photo Award 2021 have become more important than ever, helping to showcase some of the best photographs around. The winners in each category are amazing in their own way – maybe they remind you of the beauty of the familiar, or maybe they transport you to a whole new place.

One winner has been selected from among 606,000 entries – and it’s a haunting image of a frozen lighthouse on the German island of Rügen.

Photographer Manfred Voss says: “I consciously try to capture the beauty of our world in pictures. It was impressive to see what a beautiful ice sculpture nature formed from this man-made lighthouse.

The overall theme of the competition was “Our World is Beautiful”, and Voss’s image was not the only one making an impact.

He took first prize and won the landscapes category, but there were nine other categories for amateur and professional photographers. These are the best pictures of each …


(Petra Jung / CEWE / PA Photo Prize)


(Josef Schwarz / CEWE Photo Prize / PA)
(Siegfried Claeys / CEWE Photo Award / PA)


(Andreas Bauer / CEWE Photo Prize / PA)

Aerial photos

(Azim Khan Ronnie / CEWE / PA Photo Award)

Cooking and food

(David Weimann / CEWE / PA Photo Prize)

Hobbies and leisure

(Hans Lahodny / CEWE Photo Award / PA)

Architecture and technology

(Cor Boers / CEWE Photo Prize / PA)


A group of young children in the Philippines (Hartmut Schwartzbach / CEWE Photo Award / PA)

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