Tucker Carlson has a crush on Barack Obama


Former President Trump’s favorite Bass boat shoe Tucker Carlson is in love with former President Barack Obama.

This may be the only explanation for his obvious obsession with a president who hasn’t been in office for years and who spends his time living his best life with his beautiful wife, Michelle. The couple stay reserved and busy, and I don’t know another way to put it, but they don’t go to bed like that.

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Carlson may want to leave Obama’s line and return to fishing in the putrid pond he swims in.

On Tuesday, the Fox News host – aka Republican SpankBang – accused Obama of being a… wait… a “racial arsonist”. I know I know. This achieved Piers Morgan / Meghan Markle level obsession.

What made Carlson so hot and messy? Fair the former president condemning the mass shootings at a supermarket in Boulder, Colo., in which 10 people were shot and the recent attacks on massage parlors in the Atlanta area.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Obama noted that “we should be able to live our lives without wondering if the next trip away from home might be the last.” We should. But in America, we can’t.

“It is high time those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence did so,” he continued, adding: “It will take time to eradicate the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuel so many. of these foolish acts. of violence. But we can make it more difficult for those with hatred in their hearts to purchase weapons of war. “

Carlson, who has continued to stoke the flames of racism every day since hiring Republican OnlyFans, put his panties in a pile and somehow found a way to spend time on his show to send love messages. subliminal to Obama.

Carlson disliked Obama’s call to stamp out racism and Congress to enact tougher gun laws. So, Republican America’s favorite anal plug asserted that “more than any other contemporary American leader, Barack Obama is a racial arsonist.

“It emerges at our most vulnerable times to exacerbate the wounds that divide us. He sows hatred, ”insulted Carlson, who has often defended the racist, hateful and divisive remarks of former President Donald Trump.

“Why is Barack Obama doing this?” Carlson asked. “Well, it would take a psychiatrist to fully answer that question, although it seems obvious that deep disgust plays a role. He has to play a role.

An Obama spokesperson, whom I have not contacted and who I am totally in the process of making up, noted that the former president was very happy in his relationship and suggested that Carlson abide by the order. ban and stop standing in front of his window with a boombox playing selected songs. Catalog by Kenny G.


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