Vail Performing Arts Academy presents ‘Rock This Town Revue’

Lilly and Jackson Blankenship and River Gorsuch sing “True Colors” while backed by the cast of “Rock This Town Revue.”
Vail Performing Arts Academy/Courtesy Photo

Are you ready to have a blast? Come listen to your favorite rock ‘n’ roll songs and melodies made famous by many musicals when the Vail Performing Arts Academy presents “Rock This Town Revue” on Saturday and Sunday.

“Rock This Town Review” will take you on a musical journey through the decades with singers from the Vail Performing Arts Academy performing songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which debuted on Broadway in 1971, the rock opera by The Who, “Tommy,” which the band first performed in 1969 and translated to the London stage in 1979. (I bet they sing “Pinball Wizard.”)

Songs from a more recent musical will also be featured. “Spring Awakening” is a coming-of-age musical that debuted on Broadway in 2006. In addition to Broadway hits, you can sing along to many 80s songs like “Eye of the Tiger,” from the band’s “Rocky III Movie Fame”, Survivor, “Juke Box Hero” from Foreigner, and of course, “Don’t Stop Believing” from Journey.

While performances will take place in the auditorium at Battle Mountain High School, the Vail Performing Arts Academy involves elementary and high school children in a collaborative effort to bring great entertainment to the stage. This weekend, more than 60 talented children will be honoured. The costumes, props, choreography and fun make this an entertaining way to spend your evening.

The Vail Performing Arts Academy has been around since 1995. Founded by Executive Director Annah Scully, the Vail Performing Arts Academy provides a way for children to express themselves and show off their talents.

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“After enduring the pandemic, our cast and audiences have rebounded. Now, more than ever, children need the opportunity to express themselves and revel in the camaraderie of the show,” Scully said. “We have been blessed all these years with a community of support and appreciation that fills seats, applauds, donates and agrees that the Vail Performing Arts Academy is, indeed, the most important stage in the life of a ‘a kid.”

Scully has been putting on these shows for 28 years and has the invaluable help of artistic director and choreographer Colin Meiring, voice instructor Melinda Carlson and Val Watts, who is in charge of the costumes. These leaders have been rehearsing with the cast on Sundays since September and are putting the finishing touches on the shows this week.

“It’s truly amazing what these young actors accomplish in our intensive rehearsals. We have so much enthusiasm and talent, and every student finds a way to shine, no matter their experience. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun, that’s the key,” Scully said.

Tickets are general admission and can be purchased online with a credit card for $18 or at the box office with a check or cash for $15. Visit to purchase and for more information. Additionally, registration has begun for the Vail Performing Arts Academy’s Spring Revue, which will be “Broadway Showtime,” and the summer musical will be “Into The Woods, Jr.“, for 8 to 16 year olds. Space is limited, so get your kids to sign up early so they can have fun and develop their stage skills.